My Fantasy Soccer Team, Ideal 11

When I first thought about writing this post I thought it would be easy to come up with my ideal team. I thought I knew exactly who I would want on my team, but the more I thought about it, the harder it became.

I realized with every name that I put on my list that I was leaving someone else I liked out. So, I thought I should ask my soccer loving friends what their ideal team would look like, thinking that would make it easier on me… it didn’t, I realized I was missing a lot of more good players.

My 11  are players that fit the style of play I like in soccer, they are aggressive players, guys that will play with blood running down their face, that will do absolutely anything and everything to get the win and that I feel make a difference on their teams. (Yes, Cristiano critics, even dive and try to get the penalty :P)

Also, you might notice there are a lot of Real Madrid players on this list, this is not me being biased as a Madrid fan, it just happens to be that some of the best and my favorite players play for the Blancos.

So here are my 11, and 8 bench players (it’s my list so I will have bench players if I want)

…and yes, I know my team is heavy on the defense. I know people love to watch goals and for many is the most exciting part of the game, but for me is all about the defense.  (Might have something to do with me being a defensive player when I played soccer)



Manuel Neuer (Bayern Munich)- Best. Goalie. in the game right now



Thiago Silva (Paris St.Germain) – When Thiago doesn’t play you notice it, whether for Brazil or PSG, the guy is just a great leader on the field. Plus he is young and fast.

Sergio Ramos (Real Madrid)- He is Athletic, he defends the goal and sometimes even scores for you. Sergio is just a phenomenally amazing player, the best defender right now.

Gerard Pique (Barcelona)- Although he has been on a sort of slump lately, I like what he represents and that I know that in any time, Pique can be a huge game changer for the team. He is smart, he knows the game.

Vincent Kompany ( Manchester City) – the Manchester City captain is behind the his team’s success these past season. When the Belgium is not on the field the team finds itself conceding too many goals and loosing matches

Marcelo (Real Madrid)-  The times this guy has come in with an amazing pass, an incredible safe, a unbelievable goal, are just too many to name. Marcelo is right now one of the best defenders in the game, and for me one of the most exciting to watch.



Luka Modric ( Real Madrid)- As a Real Madrid fan, I know just how important Modric is to the team. He has great tenacity, a great passing game and he is fast. You can’t ask for a better center mid than him.

Arjen Robben (Bayern Munich)- Even though he is getting older, this guy doesn’t stop. He might not be the most liked player, but the Dutch has put up impressive numbers for both country and team.



Leo Messi (Barcelona)- Duh

Cristiano RonaldoC (Real Madrid) – another Duh.

Luis Suarez (Barcelona)- Ever since he was at Liverpool he has been one of my favorite strikers. This guy makes such a huge difference to his team, so much so that when he doesn’t play for Uruguay, the Celeste have a hard time winning.


Bench players:

David DeGea (Manchester United)- One of the best goalies in soccer right now.

Pepe (Real Madrid)- Some might say he is dirty, and you know what, he might just be. But I like that in him. I like players that aren’t scared to get hurt or hurt (every once in a while)

Philipp Lahm (Bayern Munich)- He is the heart and soul of Bayern Munich, this guy knows the game, he understands and he is just such a smart player.

Eden Hazard (Chelsea)- Hazard is just a beast. He is a game changer for Chelsea.

Paul Pogba (Juventus)- He is so versatile, and one of the best midfielders right now. He has speed, power, techinique and you just can’t ask for more. He was one of the key players for Juventus this past season and one of the reasons they made it to the finals in Champions league.

Isco (Real Madrid)- I really like Isco’s energy. He is a young player who is already marking territory. He’s had a great season with Real Madrid and he is one of Spain’s most promising stars.

Ivan Rakitic (Barcelona)- Rakitic is one of those players I hate facing when we play Barcelona. He is a game changer; he is fast runner, quick with his feet and has a great understanding of the game.

Didier Drogba (Impact) – He is one of my all time favorite players, I couldn’t have a team without him. He represents everything that I like in a player, and although he is older and probably on the verge of retiring, this guy is an incredible addition to any team, his knowledge of the guy, his abilities as a leader are just impressive.


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